Saturday, July 30, 2011

What You Don't Understand About the Debt Ceiling Debate

What you don't understand is that spending is already at or near record levels. According to the White House, spending has more than doubled since 2000 and is due to increase yet again in 2011 to a record 3.8 trillion. If this isn't stimulus spending, I don't know what is. Yet I and many other common people, have absolutely no faith that this record spending is being spent wisely and will lead to future economic growth.

Year Receipts Total Outlays Deficit

2000 2,025,191 1,788,950 236,241
2001 1,991,082 1,862,846 128,236
2002 1,853,136 2,010,894 -157,758
2003 1,782,314 2,159,899 -377,585
2004 1,880,114 2,292,841 -412,727
2005 2,153,611 2,471,957 -318,346
2006 2,406,869 2,655,050 -248,181
2007 2,567,985 2,728,686 -160,701
2008 2,523,991 2,982,544 -458,553
2009 2,104,989 3,517,677 -1,412,688
2010 2,162,724 3,456,213 -1,293,489
2011 estimate 2,173,700 3,818,819 -1,645,119

The government sector is too large and needs to be restructured. People need to be shifted to jobs in the private sector, government needs to stop trying to be everything to everyone. The fact is that even with Boehner's plan, we would still have record levels of spending along with record projected deficits. That's why his plan is a huge compromise plan that is a win for Democrats already, asking for more is plain insulting. Look at the numbers and take $90 billion off of the outlays and off of the deficit. Does it even matter? Does it change the big picture? Be reasonable.

If these small cuts can't be enacted, what chance is there of real cuts in the future? No, people have been pushed against a wall and can't back up anymore. The fact that Boehner can't even get an agreement to freeze spending at 2011 levels shows how much he's backed down and enough is enough.