Friday, January 2, 2009

Obama Offers Conservatives Hope

Does it seem disquieting to anyone that Obama seems to be "staying the course" with respect to overall foreign and domestic policy? I commend Obama for using his brain and continuing the policies that make sense and are best for America.

Look at Obama's choices on the economic front. Romer, Summers, Geithner, and Bernanke to continue in his current role. These are incredibly sensible and wise choices that have to make any liberal angry. If Republicans had to choose among Democrats, they would not be able to come up with a better slate. Volker is also well liked among Republicans and he will continue to advise Obama. This is the sort of change that will make Obama into a good president, changing the Democrats into a party that focuses on efficiency and regulations that work without imposing massive burdens.

On the foreign policy front, Clinton is a hawk within the Democratic party and Obama even more hawkish. I can't distinguish Obama's foreign policy from that of McCain, other than Obama seems willing to invade and bomb Pakistan while McCain is more dovish.

Again, it seems that the image Democrats have of Obama is different than the one I'm seeing. There hasn't been any indication that Obama would be the radical that destroys America as we know it. He seems smart enough to pursue wise policies and has done a great job in recruiting smart, experienced Cabinet members that will continue the good policies of the past.

Bush was an incompetent manager. It wasn't that all his policies were bad, especially on the foreign policy frong, it was that they were all badly executed. With a competent person behind it all, we could see great gains. We needed a change in quarterbacks, not gameplans. The gameplan remains solid as ever, but the right quarterback can make the difference between a pitiful looking team and a Superbowl winning team.

So when Krugman looks out and sees a radical change, he's imaging things again. Yes the outcome can be very different when incompetence is replaced; a football play can look ugly if executed badly, yet be a thing of beauty when executed as planned. Obama could be the perfect quarterback for our Run N' Shoot offense.

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