Saturday, March 14, 2009

On Immigration

As an immigrant myself, I find that there is very little opposition or hostility towards legal immigrants. This country is quite welcoming towards immigrants who want to stay here and are invited to.

As a legal immigrant, I also oppose illegal immigration and want the immigration laws to be enforced. Some of my family members recently immigrated legally into the United States after waiting 11 years. That is a long time to wait and I resent that those who unfairly cut in front of them are grouped into the same category. Both of my cousins who came with my aunts and uncles are now in the University of California system and will be productive members. All of my uncles and aunts are working legally and taking English classes, which they began well before they received permission to enter the country. None are on public assistance.

Yes there is a huge difference between legal and illegal immigrants and I resent being lumped into the same category. It makes no sense to do so, just like lumping in chronic drunk drivers with those who have had a sip of alcohol within the past year. Society's anger is directed towards drunk drivers who cause accidents, not all people who have had a drink at some point. The same applies to illegal immigrants.

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