Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Biggest Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives

I think the biggest difference between conservatives and liberals are that liberals always assume their intentions will work and without any other negative consequences. They ignore or don't pay attention to the details of implementation and execution, but rather focus on the overall intent and focus.

This consumer protection agency is a good example. Liberals want someone to protect ordinary people from the abuses of corporations and others who might want to take advantage. I don't think anyone is against that goal, but HOW EXACTLY is this consumer protection agency going to function, what are its powers, and how are they going to implement their goals? Who will run it and who will have oversight?

I find that liberals don't concern themselves with those details, furthermore they trust and assume that the agency will be infallible and run as it was intended to. Conservatives are much more skeptical, focus on the unintended consequences, and point out that any agency is staffed by people and people are fallible. Depending on the system and the checks and balances, people can be darn right incompetent or a number of things so it can't be assumed this agency will do what it was intended to do.

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