Monday, November 30, 2009

It's the Details Stupid! Wisdom of a Second Stimulus

It's the details that are important! Government spending can only be good NET DEFICIT if the spending produces long term benefits that will outweigh the costs. In other words, it has to be a good value or else the spending will be a hindrance.

It's like someone at age 18 with a host of choices. Going into debt $80,000 or more can be worthwhile if they are able to get something, like an education, that allows them to more than make up for what they've spent. But if they blow $80,000 on girls and drugs, there'll be a temporary lift, but after the money is spent, their future will be even more bleak being $80,000 in debt.

Obama's problem is that he doesn't seem interested in the details. He let Congress waste the first stimulus instead of crafting his own stimulus plan. That's why there is no support for a second stimulus. The 18 year old has shown himself to be irresponsible by blowing the first installment of his loan. Why bother loaning him more money? There are consequences to waste and ineffective legislation!

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