Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Public Sector Should Not Be Allowed To Unionize

As I've said before, government is the ultimate power and that power can be used to enrich those who control government. Over the past decade, public sector unions have learned how to play that game. They make members pay dues which are then used to elect representatives that are favorable to the unions and will give them raises and benefits regardless if it is out-of-line with the private sector and regardless if it is a good value to taxpayers. So far, most of these representatives have been Democrats. When the benefits and wages become too much for the current budget to bear, taxpayers are told that taxes must increase.

I've always said that public sector employees must not be allowed to unionize. I have no problem with private sector unions, but public sector unions have disparate power that is unfair to those who pay for them, namely taxpayers.

First, unions can game the system by funding representatives that will do their bidding and keep on giving public sector unions ridiculous raises and benefits.

Secondly, unlike private sector CEOs or management, politicians are loath to rock the boat. They rather give generous and unsustainable rewards that will destroy the system in the future rather than take a stand, which could cost them their political jobs. Kick it down the road.

Finally, corporations which have given over-generous benefits and no longer offer a good value to customers can go out of business. I can decide not to buy a Ford or GM made car because it is just too expensive for the value it provides. I am forced to pay taxes.

Those are just some of the reasons why FDR, an union supporter, thought that unions should not be allowed in the public sector. Until Carter, and the 1980's with State governments, public sector employees were not allowed to unionize.

Oh, I forgot to add that I have options with the private sector. I can change banks, I can go to another fast food outlet, I can even decide to switch phone carriers if I think the prices, thanks to benefits given to union members, are out-of-line with the value I receive. I do not have the option with police, fire, and other government services, there is no alternative to government!

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