Friday, May 27, 2011

Our New Economic Future

We are in a global economy today and in a huge adjustment period which is causing weakness in the US economy. The addition of developing countries along with their billions of citizens to the global capitalist marketplace has created shifts in production based on comparative advantage. They are not yet rich enough to buy American goods in bulk, but will be though that will take a decade or more.

What America "manufactures" has also changed. We now create a lot of intellectual and information goods such as movies, drugs, and processes that have no physical basis. However the international legal protections and recognition of these new goods are still being formed and so we are not receiving the full benefit of our production.

We are moving into a world where tangible products are cheap and plentiful. However, humans will always need entertainment and information. Whether the manufacturers of those products will be compensated is the question, fortunately we seem to be moving in the right direction although enforcement is still very sparsely seen. If other countries would pay for all the software, movies, etc. that they use, the United States will be in good shape and those sectors could grow, but we need to do better at getting others to enforce and pay for what we produce, otherwise the US economy will be sunk as that is our future.

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