Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Our President

If this can move us forward significantly towards a colorblind society, then it is an achievement. However the future is in doubt more than ever before, liberal policies simply do not work. We have to hope that America can move forward and prosper despite those policies, and that Obama will not cater to the extreme left burdening us with more feelgood, but useless policies. What we need are prudent programs and policies, well crafted and effective. We can't afford more pork barrel spending and giveaways to special interests, voters want an end to wasteful spending for the sake of image and contributions. We need change in that respect.

Obama's acceptance speech was not encouraging, especially the remark about Wall Street prospering while Main Street doesn't. Main Street's wage stagnation is due to globalization, there are no simply and easy solutions to this, but over time, wages will begin to rise again.

At least foreign nations have reacted positively and America's image is better now than before. Obama has to use this goodwill wisely to strike a fatal blow to the Taliban. He seems willing. I don't think disengaging is even close to the best course of action. Letting Afghanistan go to the terrorists will cause trouble for future presidents and lead to a larger engagement for future generations.

We can only hope Obama will be a president in the mold of Clinton (personal issues aside). But Clinton was reigned in by a fiscally conservative Congress, I fear that there will be no brake applied here, who will make sure funds are spent wisely? Hope is irrational. Hope is all we have left.

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