Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sarah Palin's Record

Actually, my friend pointed out that Palin is a strong fiscal conservative and has been since her first years in politics. The media has not presented her record in a comprehensive or fair manner. She did her best to cut spending and stand up to corruption and giveaways to special interests, and has been stronger as she's gained political experience.

Her views on gay marriage are EXACTLY the same as Joe Biden's and Obama's, check the VP debate. Republicans lost because they abandoned their principles and had nothing to run on. They couldn't run on fiscal conservatism and smaller government given their recent record. It's up to a new batch to present that philosophy to the American people, the current crowd just cannot be trusted or believed. Palin's social views are her own, but she will not run on those views if she expects to do well on a national level. All indications are that Palin is a fiscal conservative who is determined to fight and eliminate wasteful government spending. That's what will make her a star, that's what won election after election for the Republicans until they so violated their promises that they could no longer be trusted and were kicked out of government.

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