Sunday, December 20, 2009

Conservatives and Liberals United Against Health Care Bill Madness

It's incredible that this piece of crap can be passed with everyone against it. Conservatives and liberals both hate it, but somehow it's going through? I don't think it's too late to mount effective opposition, it's time to call the Senators that were on the fence and encourage them to switch over to a no vote. Then the House members, only one Senator has to switch and less than 10 Representatives.

Democrats need to oppose this bill and make sure it never passes. Everyone is in agreement that this is a piece of crap and will fail spectacularly. Once it fails, Democrats will get all the blame, they're the ones who crafted it, who passed it, who control all the levers of government, the backlash will be enormous, the progressive movement will be set back ten years, just as the conservative movement was set back by the horribly incompetent policies of Bush.

You all know what will happen, there is nothing in this bill that will reduce or control costs, when Americans find out that their health care will cost more and be no better, only worse, there will be a lot of anger. We elect Democrats and this is what we get? You can expect another 1994, time for people to DO SOMETHING and voice your displeasure with Senators and Representatives, tell them that you're not in their district but this bill affects everyone in this country and so you are telling them to vote no. If they don't, you'll donate to their opponent come election time and do everything you can to make sure they are defeated. This is the only type of populism that works, the only threat that Congressmen take seriously and the only weapon the people have as powerful as the ones wielded by the large corporations and special interests that have inserted all they've wanted into this bill.

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