Friday, February 12, 2010

Commentary on Deficit Debate

The issue at hand isn't with the current budget and the huge deficits that may not be possible to cut in this time of crisis. It is with the continuation of these deficits for as far as the eye can see. Furthermore, the administration has attempted to enact additional programs that would be permanent and add to that already endless morass of large deficits. This is what people are concerned about.

There would be no issue if we ran -10%GDP deficits for 3 or so years, but the problems are structural and the current administration and congress refuse to acknowledge or deal with the long term problems that will impact us as soon as more Boomers begin to retire. No one wants to deal with tough issues and choices, but our leaders were elected for that purpose. The country has every right to be pissed, the buck has been passed for long enough, it can no longer be delayed for the next administration to handle.

We don't want to play the blame game. Fine past administrations and congresses put us in this place, but the current crop of officials were elected because we needed change. We needed people who would deal with the buildup of debt and crap and obligations. We didn't elect these officials just so they can whine and continue ignoring the problems of the country like past administrations. We expected real change, and change is difficult. These people who ran on change have failed to be different from the people we wanted to change. Enough excuses, it's time to deal with the situation at hand. Americans do not like whiners in our leadership, they expect decisive actions, not more finger pointing!

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