Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Message to Baby Boomers

In my opinion, the Baby Boomers are the greediest, most entitled and selfish generation in the history of this country. Their parents were called the Greatest Generation, well the Boomers will go down in history as the Worst Generation. They are the ones in power right now and have been for a while. They are the ones that are constantly voting themselves more entitlements, more spending, more of everything. And they're the ones who've saved nothing, who've partied away all their income, who've spent recklessly and then feel entitled to services paid by someone else. They're the ones who established the entitlement mentality, that's there's no shame in taking government services, that's it's OK to be irresponsible but evil to be wealthy and frugal. You know, frugality used to be a virtue in this society, but now it's looked down upon, if you're not spending all of your income, you're cheap and a person to be despised.

The Boomers took for granted what their parents accomplished and gave them. That America is top dog and rich was earned, earned by blood, sweat, and tears from the horrors of the Great Depression to the beaches of Omaha and Iwo Jima. The Boomers never understood what it took to give them their suburban, dull, safe lifestyle. During their youth, they participated in the ridiculous hippie movement of the 1960's, yes these flower children are the same Wall Street bankers we see today, the same Madoffs, the same scam artists that forgot morality. The Boomers are the ones who proclaimed that there was no such thing as morality, no right or wrong, everything is relative, we can't judge, we can't say what is evil.

The Boomers are also the ones who lost Vietnam, who had no heart, who folded, whose despicable behavior on the battlefield and while in uniform disgraced the entire nation. The unprovoked massacres, the stories of cowardice, and then there were the riots and violence by youthful thugs running in the streets. As a member of Gen X, I'm glad we haven't behaved as disgracefully as our parents did. The troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and those who served in Gulf War I served honorably, moreover the protests at home were peaceful, not marred by rioting and thuggery.

The Boomers are the largest voting block and will be until they die. I fear the worst because they've proven themselves to be selfish, they'll make their children and grandchildren pay for their luxurious goods and services they receive from government. There is no shame, they see government as a tool to get what they want. All of a sudden, new "rights", new entitlements are being invented everyday. Damn everyone else, they'll live and die in comfort, to hell with the future and aftermath.

Let me say that you won't have the last word. You are in power now and can write lovingly about yourself and all the "accomplishments" you've achieved, but make no mistake, your children and grandchildren, who've you neglected to teach morality to, will judge you harshly. You are the worst, most selfish generation this nation has ever had. For all your parental neglect, I'm glad that Gen X and Y are unusually well behaved. Crime and violence, usually committed by those in their teens to 30's, is down. Divorce rates are down, teen pregnancy down. The senseless philosophy of the 1960s has been clearly rejected. I only pray that you don't leave such a large hole that we of Gen X and Y won't be able to get out. Already we have the disastrous health care bill that forces the youth to buy into insurance plans to subsidize the Boomers. Now Cap and Trade and Amnesty are coming up, it might already be too late.

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